Basic steps in ProSolo

In this post, we share some basic information how to use ProSolo through a couple of video tutorials. In the first video tutorial, we describe the basic functionality of ProSolo, how to set up a ProSolo profile and connect it with other social media you use, and how ProSolo can make user contributions visible to others and archived through daily digests.


In the second video, we describe the ProSolo functionality that supports learning and assessment. In particular, the video explains the main terminology that ProSolo users will encounter in their learning; that is, credentials, competences, and activities. The video also explains the entire lifecycle of competence development in ProSolo – from planning to the presentation of the completed and assessed credentials and competences in personal profiles.


We hope you will find these videos useful in understanding the conceptual model of learning ProSolo supports and its functionality that implements its model. In the coming days, we will share more tutorials that will offer additional insight into recommended and best practices how to use ProSolo. We look forward to seeing you in ProSolo and getting your feedback.

Thank you!
The ProSolo team

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